Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Touch of Class

Blazer: Necessary Clothing { here },  Blouse: Nordstrom Rack { similar here & here }, Shorts: Zara { here }, Shoes: Vintage Valentino,  Necklace: Impeccable Pig, Watch: Michele, Bracelet: James Avery { here },  Purse: Louis Vuitton,  Ring: Forever21, Shades: Ray Ban

I definitely love to experiment with the new and upcoming trends but in my opinion there is nothing more appealing than a classy outfit. With fast fashion being so popular these days consumers are constantly buying disposable fashion (wearing an item once before it hibernates in the back of the closet) and yes believe it or not, I am guilty of this! Over the years I've noticed I always resort back to my classic pieces hence the blue blouse while finding myself donating and reselling my fast fashion items. You can never go wrong with a classic striped blazer and crisp pair of white shorts!

Until next time...


  1. Love that blazer! I'm buying it now! :)

  2. Great look. Love the mixing of prints and the black/white/mint combo.

  3. I've been guilty of fast fashion too - especially recently. It's sometimes too much fun to pass up being a different character for a day.

    But you're right, there are definitely timeless pieces that always work. This blouse is gorgeous, and I love how there are so many different ways that you can wear it.

    I love the tiny cat eye on these sunglasses, too. And your necklace! I've never heard of impeccable pig, but I'll have to check that out. Cute name.

    Super jealous of your hair color.


  4. Love your Valentino's girl.

  5. Wow!! The fashions are fantastic. Glad to finally see your eyes...they're beautiful.